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    CCJEC The steam turbine products of CCJEC are designed and manufactured with full three-dimensional flow-passage technology, unit capacity: 3MW~200MW, covering more than two hundred varieties, such as condensing steam turbine, extraction steam turbine, back pressure steam turbine, back pressure extraction turbine, make-up steam turbine and industrial driven steam turbine; the steam turbine products have been developed from the simple cycle of the low pressure, medium pressure, sub-high pressure and high-pressure parameters to the reheat cycle of the super-high pressure and subcritical parameters; they are mainly used in the captive power plant of the steel. Metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, coal cement, glass, paper making, system sugar and other industries, as well as garbage power, biomass power, solar power generation and other fields. At present, 150MW (or below) cogeneration steam turbine units of CCJEC take higher share at the domestic market, especially the design technology level and the in-service use performance index of the cogeneration turbine product are in the leading position in China. Nearly 3,000 sets of the steam turbine products manufactured by CCJEC have been put into commercial operation, except to meet domestic market demand, and they have been also exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, Africa, Middle Eastand other countries.

    CCJEC ceaselessly carries out the technological innovation, improves the product technology content and enhances the enterprise core competitiveness, and has achieved a number of patents, A part of the steam turbine series products were awarded the First-class Scientific and Technological Progress Award of the former National No. 1 Ministry of Machine Building, the First-class Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Hubei Provincial mechanical industry, Second-class Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Hubei Provincial mechanical industry, the state-level key new product award and other awards. The small and medium thermoelectric cogeneration turbines designed with full there-dimensional technology were awarded the national key new product title by the State Economic and Trade Commission.

    Extraction Condensing Steam Turbine

    The extraction points of the extraction condensing steam turbine are set at the proper positions of the turbine cylinder, a part of the steam are extracted from the appropriate middle in the cylinder and supplied to the heat users. The steam turbine for power generation and heat supply is also known as the cogeneration turbine, there are the single-extraction and double-extraction steam turbine at present, which can meet the user's cogeneration needs in different conditions. The extraction steam turbine can effectively reduce the loss of the cold source, and its energy efficiency is very obvious.

    Technical features:

    The extraction pressure and the steam extraction flow of the extraction condensing steam turbine can be dynamically adjusted in a certain range, and the self-adjustment of thermoelectric load is good. According to user's demand, the turbine extraction parameters can be customized design designed. Under the premise of guaranteeing the long-term safe and stable operation of the turbine, the product will meet the specific needs of various users to a great extent, and it also has the high economical efficiency.

    Applicable range:

    the extraction condensing steam turbine is applicable to both electric power needs and the place with larger heat load adjustment range, such as incorporating in power grid, regional industrial extraction and heating for living.

    Major parameters:

    At present, the power range of the extraction condensing steam turbine is 3MW~155MW, the maximum steam admission flow is about 700t/h, the maximum single-stage extraction flow is 300t/h, the maximum extraction pressure is 6.4MPa, and the lowest extraction pressure is 0.118MPa. There is a relative complex inherent rule between the turbine power, extraction pressure and extraction flow capacity. Our Company can provide the turbine model selection calculation for the user at the earlier stage of the project for free, and reasonably match the relationship between three items to select the best model.

    The turbine C25-8.83/0.98 designed by CCJEC and CASC is more compact and has a better performance and efficiency.

    Condensing Steam Turbine

    The condensing steam turbine is a steam turbine mainly for power generation. Depending on different steam admission parameters and application places a part of the condensing steam turbines are also known as: the secondary turbine, low temperature waste heat turbine, saturated steam turbine and etc.

    Technical features:

    The condensing steam turbine is mainly used for providing the stable electric power, and can also provide the non-adjusting extraction steam if applicable.

    Applicable range:

    the condensing steam turbine is widely used in small and medium sized power plant, the new energy application power plant and the energy conservation and emission reduction project.

    Major parameters:

    The power range of the condensing steam turbine is 3MW~200MW, the steam admission pressure is 0.49MPa~16.7MPa and the maximum steam admission capacity is 890t/h. Power station and biomass power generation low-parameter secondary turbines are applied for power generation of waste heat recovery and utilization in blast furnace of steel plant, cement kiln and glass kiln.

    Multi-pressure Steam Turbine

    Briefing of the product:

    Multi-pressure steam turbine is a new type of steam turbine which is developed and designed under the background of national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction and enjoys a high popularity in the market.

    Technical features:

    it can achieve a variety of different make-up steam pressure combination.

    Applicable scope:

    it is applicable to the gas-steam combined cycle and waste heat utilization(cement kiln, steelmaking furnace, chemical industry, etc.)project.

    Major parameters:

    At present, the maximum power has exceeded 20MW. The maximum main steam pressure is 7.2MPa and the make-up steam capacity has been increased from initial 30% or to 100%.

    Back Pressure Steam Turbine

    Briefing of the product:

    The back pressure steam turbine is a steam turbine with higher exhaust pressure(generally higher than 0.118MPa) and that its exhausted steam can be directly supplied to the heat users and also used for power generation, and it is a typical cogeneration steam turbine.

    Applicable scope:

    The back pressure steam turbine is applicable to the region with stable heat users. and applicable to almost all industrial areas requiring the heating.

    Technical features:

    The exhaust pressure of the back pressure steam turbine is selected according to user demand, and can be adjusted within a certain range, the electric-power output is proportional to the heating load, i.e. the electric power is determined according to the heating load. The back pressure steam turbine features the simple system and low construction cost; all the exhausted steams are used for heating without cold source loss, and its energy conservation effect is very significant.

    Major parameters:

    The power range of the back pressure steam turbine is 1MW~60MW, the steam admission pressure is 0.98MPa~13.24MPa, the maximum steam admission flow is 660t/h, and the back pressure range is 0.118MPa~6.5MPa.

    Back Pressure Extraction Turbine

    Briefing of the product :

    The back pressure extraction turbine is a type of back pressure steam turbine with single-stage extraction steam. The back pressure extraction turbine can provide the heat source with two different pressure ratings for heat users and also used for power generation. It is one of the cogeneration turbines.

    Technical features :

    The extraction pressure and exhaust pressure of the back pressure extraction turbine can be selected according to user demand, they can be flexibly collocated and adjusted within a certain range. The back pressure extraction turbine features the simple system and low construction cost; both the extraction steam and the exhausted steam are used for heating without cold source loss, and its energy conservation effect is very significant.

    Applicable scope :

    the back pressure extraction turbine is applicable to the region with stable heat users, and applicable to almost all industrial areas requiring the heating.

    Major parameters :

    the power range of the back pressure extraction turbine is 1MW~60MW, the steam admission pressure is 0.98MPa~13.24MPa, the maximum steam admission capacity is 660t/h, the extraction pressure range is 0.49MPa~6.5MPa, and the back pressure range is 0.118MPa~4.0MPa.


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